• Postgraduate Roadshow

Talks programme 2019

The Russell Group Universities Postgraduate Study Roadshow has taken place for 2019. However, the talks programme below will give you a flavour of what to expect for 2020.

12:15 & 13:45 Masters 101: What you need to know

Russell Group universities are committed to research, education, business and innovation. You will learn from the best academics and industry experts, as well as work alongside the brightest minds from around the globe in outstanding teaching facilities.

Funding your postgraduate study is easier than ever thanks to the introduction of government-funded loans. Plus, universities often offer bursaries, scholarships and alumni discounts, making postgraduate study accessible for everyone.
13:00 & 14:30 PhD: Pretty huge Decision

What are the expectations and realities of studying a PhD? What do you need to know before you apply and what should you look for in a research opportunity? Our expert talked attendees through the benefits of doing a PhD so they could understand if it's the right choice for them. Plus! attendees could find out how to fund their research and how to write the best proposal.

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